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Curricula Resources with Links

Multi-Subject Resources and Boxed Curricula

A Beka Books: 
A complete Christian homeschool curricula website that offers both book and online learning.

BBC Schools:  Good stuff from across the pond!

BrainPOP:  A subscription to Brainpop buys you animations and quizzes to go with a variety of subjects.

Calvert School: 
A complete homeschool curriculum in the classical tradition.

From the website:"194 free to use educational interactive resources for Primary Schools. 30 free to use fun games for kids aged 4 - 11. 120 plus links to free interactive, image and software resources.

Donna Young's Homeschool Printables and Resources:  With book lists by subject, links to all sorts of printable papers for handwriting and math, printable homeschool organizer paper, school planners, and more, this website is a tribute to homeschool ingenuity.  Donna Young, a homeschool mom has been adding to this site for twelve years, and the results are incredible.

Five in a Row:  FIAR lessons cover a variety of subjects, but they are always built on good books.

Fun Brain:  This is an online education site with free learning games for kids and resources for parents and teachers.

Hippocampus:  This is an absolutely free online source for AP level course work with video and text materials.  You do need to create an account to utilize this site.

Homeschool Buyer's Co-op:  Join for free and take advantage of group buying power curricula in every subject.

iknowthat.com:  This is a subscription online multimedia website with learning games in a variety of subjects.

Kidipede:  History and Science resources for middle schoolers.

MIT Open Courseware:  Free online course materials -- These are great for gifted and/or high school kids.**

National Repository of Online Courses:  This is the motherlode of free online courses -- complete with audio and slide shows -- for high school and college level students.**

Neok12:  This is a website cache of online educational videos and games (so many subjects, it will make your head spin!)  that has been watched and reviewed by the owners of the website to ensure that they are "accurate, safe and appropriate" for K-12 users.**

Netflix: Don't forget to add BBC, National Geographic, PBS, History Channel and Biography titles to your DVD rental queue.

Saxon Home School:
  Saxon is best known for their K-12 math program, but they also have homeschool social studies and reading curriculum.

Shepperd Software:  Free online learning games for kids in a variety of subjects: math (early math, place value, money, fractions, Roman numerals, pre-algebra), geography, animals, language arts, SAT and GRE vocabulary, health, science, history, and "brain games."  Fun!

Simply Charlotte Mason:
  A website with curriculum guides and Charlotte Mason books and coursework.

Smithsonian Kids:
  An online site with video animations, games, and interactive activities where kids can explore the U.S. history, art, anthropology, and science.

Time4Learning.com:  This is a great source of online curriculum and games for elementary age homeschoolers.  Parents appreciate the record keeping element at portfolio time.

Yahoo! Kids Study Kids:  Lots of subjects with links to a variety of subjects!


Body Part Math:  Learn the nine's tables using your fingers.**

Dimensions: A free download with "nine chapters, two hours of maths, that take you gradually up to the fourth dimension. Mathematical vertigo guaranteed!"**

Fast Double Digit Math Multiplication:  With this method, you can solve double digit math problems faster than a calculator!  Amazingly fun for kids of all ages.

Geogebra:  Free interactive for plotting and solving geometry problems from the elementary through the university level.  Geogrebra includes tools for interactive graphics, algebra, and spreadsheets.  Cool stuff!

Geometry in Architecture
A free online course from Dartmouth.  It's an advanced class, but it's nirvana for math lovers.

Living Math! :  A website with multiple links to various math learning sites.

Math Cats' Math Crafts:  Students from pre-K to grade 6 can learn mathematical concepts through art.  Perfect for visual spatial learners!**

Math Manipulatives:
From George Mason University in Virginia.  You don't need to have a lot of money to teach your child math with manipulatives.  From pattern blocks to shapes to graph paper, this site has some great resources.

Math-U-See:  Based on demonstrations with manipulatives and complete with "teach the teacher" instructional DVD's, Math-U-See is a favorite of parents who have Visual-Spatial learners.

Singapore Math The island country of Singapore boasts some of the top math scores in the world.  Their traditional but inexpensive math programs move quickly from basic skills to multi-step word problems.  Singapore is ideal for auditory-sequential learners.  Advanced math students may only need the workbook pages.  Free placement tests are available at the website.


Agricultural Research Service:  This USDA website has slide shows, science projects and activities for kids and teachers.**

Amusement Park Physics:  Design a roller coaster while learning physics!

BBC Human Body and Mind:  A comprehensive and interactive website that explores absolutely everything about human anatomy.**

Discovery Kids:  Animals, mummies, cartoons, interactives and more!

Dive and Discover:  Teacher Resources from the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution that take kids on expeditions to the sea floor!

Engineering is Elementary: From Boston's Museum of Science, the Engineering is Elementary series requires students to apply math and science to engineering and technology projects.  Each unit has a story book as well as a teacher teacher lesson plans.  For more details, check out Susan's review.

National Air and Space Museum:
The National Air and Space Museum "maintains the largest collection of historic air and spacecraft in the world."

Science Netlinks:  The Thinkfinity partnership provides free, Internet-based K-12 content across academic disciplines.

U.S. Forestry Symbols:  From Smoky the Bear to Woodsy Owl, this site with kids activities is all about teaching responsible forest conservation.**

Foreign Language

Deutschkurse: This website has FREE multi-level German classes, placement tests, and multi-media resources. Sehr gut!

y & Geography

Ben's Guide to U.S. Government for Kids:  This ".gov" site has interactive games, historical documents, information on national symbols, information on citizenship, an explanation of states' rights, a list of more websites about government and more.  Ben Franklin is the symbolic guide for this K-12 website (grade levels are separated, so kids can find age appropriate materials), and there is also a fair amount of information about Franklin's life, inventions, and work as a statesman.**

Have fun with History: Absolutely free streaming of American History videos!

Colonial Williamsburg for Kids:  The ultimate early American education site for kids.**

C-SPAN Classrom:  Primary source social studies videos, articles, and lesson plans

GeoBee Challenge:  Daily quiz questions based on the National Geographic Bee.

The History Channel Classroom:  classroom resources and study guides based on History Channel shows.**

Learning Through History :  Along with a thematic magazine, LTH has timelines, maps, atlases, games, and history books.

Maine Memory Network:  This is a great website for  Maine History lesson plans.

Maine Theme Unit Resources:  This site has some nice printables, but be prepared for advertisements.**

MrDonn.com:  History notes and PowerPoint presentations, maps, and social studies notes.**

The Monticello Classroom:  Resources for home and classroom about Thomas Jefferson and Life at Monticello.  There is a great "for kids" resource section here.**

National History Day:  The website for the national contest that teaches the value of primary source research through research papers, visual presentations, and dramatic presentations.  Homeschoolers in grades 6-12 can compete.**

Story of the World: History for the Classical Child: An excellent history overview created by Susan Wise Bauer, this four volume series is excellent for kids K-8.  The resource guides include activities, questions and maps for coloring.  The audio version is great for days when appointments or other activities take you away from home.

National History Education Clearing House:  Great lesson resources for kids K-12.

The UT Austinhttp://app4.websitetonight.com/WST.aspx Map Collection: Maps, maps, and more maps!

Vintage Maine Images:  Historic photographs from Maine are a great supplement to a Maine History Unit!

The Arts

The Chicago Athenaeum:  Museum of Architecture and Design has nice archives for kids interested in architecture or design.

Kaboose Craft Recipes:  From homemade playdough to gooey-gak to edible stained glass cookies, this Disney sponsored site has a ton of craft ideas that can be used for fun or to complement theme units.**

The National Gallery of Art for Kids:  This is a really fun interactive art site that highlights art from the National Gallery.**

The Official Crayola Site:
  Free coloring, craft instructions and lesson plans.

The Piano Student:  Free sheet music, biographies of composers, coloring pages, music theory, and manuscript paper for homeschool music students.

Tribu Design:  A virtual museum with decorative arts and technical design of the 20th century items.

Writing, Handwriting, and Language Arts

Arthur Lesson Plans:  From PBS, language arts lessons based on Arthur.

DLTK's Custom Writing Paper:  Generate your own writing paper with custom images (cartoon characters, animals, holidays, etc.) and line type in color or black & white. The resulting paper is perfect for themed writing assignments
or letter writing.

Grammar Girl:  Grammar Girl Podcasts by Mignon Fogarty.  Susan's online college writing students love her "quick and dirty tips"!**

Handwriting Without Tears : Developed by a physical therapist, Handwriting Without Tears has workbooks and manipulatives for kids from preschool to grade 6.  This is a perfect curriculum for kids with dysgraphia or fine motor issues.  Try the flip crayons and small pencils for proper grip development.  For more details, check out Susan's review.

Read, Write Think: 
Lesson plans, printouts, and student interactives for reading and writing from the International Reading Association and the National Teachers of English.

Vocabulary Cartoons:  This series helps kids of all ages to visualize the words that they learn through cartoons and mnemonic devices.  It is a perfect learning tool for visual-spatial learners.  Read Susan's review.

Writing Strands :  Writing Strands is a comprehensive, multi-level writing curriculum that provides progressive writing lessons in various rhetorical modes.  The books encourage a process approach to writing and include easy-to-follow guidelines for parents.  Check out Susan's review.

Gifted and Talented Resources and Talent Searches

The Davidson Institute:  The Davidson Institute has free consulting services, online communities and annual get-togethers for profoundly gifted students who qualify by scoring in the top .1% on intelligence testing such as the WISC-IV or Stanford-Binet.

Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth:  Online courses, summer camps, and resources are available for gifted students who qualify

Prufrock Press:  Award-winning curriculum for gifted children, advanced learners, and twice-exceptional (2E) students.

Stanford Education Program for Gifted Youth: EPGY offers advanced K-12 online coursework in math, science, computer science, English, Chinese, Latin, history, and economics
for qualifying gifted students.

** Free Resource